Landmarks on the Road to the Kingdom

Dunning Landmarks on the Road to the Kingdom Cover

Table of Contents:

Chapter 1 - Mount Ararat - Revelation of Sin, Judgment and Mercy, p. 6
Chapter 2 - Mount Moriah - Revelation of the Faithfulness of God, p. 16
Chapter 3 - Mount Sinai - Revelation of the Holiness of God, p. 28
Chapter 4 - Mounts Ebal & Gerizim - Revelation of Covenant Renewal, p. 41
Chapter 5 - Mount Zion - Revelation of the Presence of God, p. 53
Chapter 6 - Mount Carmel - Revelation of the Sovereignty of God, p. 66
Chapter 7 - Mount of Vision - Revelation of the End of Exile, p. 74
Chapter 8 - The Stone that became a Mountain, p. 83
Chapter 9 - Sermon on the Mount - Revelation of the Kingdom of God, p. 91
Chapter 10 - Mount of Olives - Revelation of the Vindication of Christ, p. 102
Chapter 11 - Mount Tabor - Revelation of the Glory of Christ, p. 112
Chapter 12 - Mount Golgotha - Revelation of the Power of Love, p. 122
Chapter 13 - Mount of Ascension - Revelation of the Rule of Christ, p. 131
Chapter 14 - Mount of Final Vision - Revelation of the New Creation, p. 145
Conclusion, p. 155
Appendix - The Land, p. 159

"It will make available to the average Christian a comprehensive view of the Hebrew-Christian scriptures that will enable them to see the Bible in a new light as a coherent whole rather than a collection of disparate texts."  pg. ii
The author also shows how the land plays a major role in Israel's life and self-understanding, and how a transformation of perspective about the land took place with Jesus as the Jewish Messiah.


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