A Layman's Guide to Sanctification

Layman's Guide to Sanctification cover image
A Layman's Guide to Sanctification by H. Ray Dunning

Sanctification can only be fully understood when it is fully lived.  Dunning call us beyond formulas to the true proof of the doctrine - our lives.

Table of Contents:

Note to the Reader
Introduction: Who is confused about sanctification?
I. What in the Bible is Sanctification?
1. Sanctification in the Old Testament
2. Sanctification in the New Testament

II. Would someone please explain the doctrine of Sanctification in terms I can understand?
3.  Justification and Sanctification 
4.  Sanctification and the image of God
5.  Sanctification and the Spirit
6.  Sanctification and perfection
7.  Sanctification, love, and sin

III.  What does Sanctification look like in life and religious experience?
8.  Sanctification and experience
9.  Sanctification and final salvation


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