In Quest of a Holiness Ethic

Book cover, In Quest of a Holiness Ethic

Subtitle:  A History of Ethics in the Church of the Nazarene the First 75 years


Introduction, pg. 1

Chapter 1: The Doctrinal source of Nazarene Ethics, pg. 6
     Wesley's Ethical Emphasis
     Wesley's View of Sanctification
     Wesleyanism in America
     The Keswick Influence
     Nazarene Spokesmen on Sanctification

Chapter 2: Historical Sources of Nazarene Ethics, pg. 49
     Documentary Sources
     Socio-Historical Sources

Chapter 3: The Formative Years (1887-1928), pg. 82

Chapter 4: Convincing a New Generation (1928-1948), pg. 110

Chapter 5: Collective Conscience (1948-1968), pg. 129

Chapter 6: Social Ethics, pg. 138
     Theological Characteristics
     Patterns of Response
     Social Work
     Marriage and Divorce
     Social Issues




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